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Beverly Hills Cop III (1994)

Beverly Hills Cop III (1994)
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Title:Beverly Hills Cop III
Director : John Landis,
Writer :
Producer : Mace Neufeld, Robert Rehme,
Country:United States of America
Runtime:104 min.
Genre:Action, Comedy, Crime

 Production Company:Paramount, Eddie Murphy Productions


Back in sunny southern California and on the trail of two murderers, Axel Foley again teams up with LA cop Billy Rosewood. Soon, they discover that an amusement park is being used as a front for a massive counterfeiting ring – and it's run by the same gang that shot Billy's boss.
Eddie Murphy
Judge Reinhold
Héctor Elizondo
Gilbert R. Hill
Timothy Carhart
Bronson Pinchot
Stephen McHattie
Theresa Randle
John Saxon
Jon Tenney
Joey Travolta
Eugene Collier
Jimmy Ortega
Ousaun Elam
Ray Lykins
Tim Gilbert
Julie Strain
Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst
Joe Dante
Ray Harryhausen
Arthur Hiller
George Lucas
Peter Medak
Al Leong
Danilo Bach
Daniel Petrie Jr.
Steven E. de Souza
Nile Rodgers
Mac Ahlberg
Dale Beldin
Jackie Burch
Michael Seymour
Danilo Bach
Daniel Petrie Jr.
Mark Lipsky