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All Eyez on Me (2017)

All Eyez on Me (2017)
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Title:All Eyez on Me
Director : Benny Boom,
Writer :
Producer : L.T. Hutton, James G. Robinson, David C. Robinson,
Country:United States of America
Runtime:139 min.
Genre:Drama, Music

 Production Company:Morgan Creek Productions, Voltage Pictures, Program Pictures


All Eyez on Me chronicles the life and legacy of Tupac Shakur, including his rise to superstardom as a hip-hop artist, actor, poet and activist, as well as his imprisonment and prolific, controversial time at Death Row Records. Against insurmountable odds, Tupac rose to become a cultural icon whose career and persona both continue to grow long after his passing.
Demetrius Shipp Jr.
Danai Gurira
Kat Graham
Jamal Woolard
Dominic L. Santana
Annie Ilonzeh
Lauren Cohan
Cory Hardrict
Grace Gibson
Desean Jackson
Brandon Sauve
Josh Ventura
Azad Arnaud
Harold House Moore
Khadija Copeland
Chanel Young
Chris Clarke
Ronald Brooks
Hamid-Reza Benjamin Thompson
DeRay Davis
Bruce Davis
Keith Robinson
Gary Weeks
Jarrett Ellis
William Walker
Francine Jamison-Tanchuck
Jeremy Haft
Ed Gonzalez
Steven Bagatourian
John Paesano
Peter Menzies Jr.
Joel Cox
Winsome Sinclair
Mary Vernieu
Michelle Wade Byrd
Andrea Craven
Derek R. Hill
John Richardson
Merissa Lombardo
Shauna Williams
Shawn D. Bronson
Wally Mikowlski
Ian Roylance
Lavonna Cupid
Jennifer Leigh-Scott
Tom Bronson
K. Drew Fuller
Heather Sease
Earl Tanchuck
Korii Young
Carl Ulysses Bowen
Deborah Ricketts
Taylor Knight
Vincent Gideon
Charles Gregory Ross
Carol Rasheed
Patrice Coleman
Mi Young
Dennis Dago Ceelo