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The Devil's Own (1997)

The Devil's Own (1997)
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Title:The Devil's Own
Director : Alan J. Pakula,
Writer :
Producer : Robert F. Colesberry, Lawrence Gordon,
Country:United States of America
Runtime:107 min.
Genre:Crime, Thriller, Drama

 Production Company:Columbia Pictures


Frankie McGuire, one of the IRA's deadliest assassins, draws an American family into the crossfire of terrorism. But when he is sent to the U.S. to buy weapons, Frankie is housed with the family of Tom O'Meara, a New York cop who knows nothing about Frankie's real identity. Their surprising friendship, and Tom's growing suspicions, forces Frankie to choose between the promise of peace or a lifetime of murder.
Harrison Ford
Brad Pitt
Margaret Colin
Rubén Blades
Treat Williams
George Hearn
Mitchell Ryan
Natascha McElhone
Paul Ronan
Simon Jones
Julia Stiles
Ashley Carin
Kelly Singer
David O'Hara
David Wilmot
Rob McElhenney
Chance Kelly
Donald Laventhall
Lloyd Levin
James Horner
Gordon Willis
Tom Rolf
Dennis Virkler
Alixe Gordin
Jane Musky
Robert Guerra
Leslie Bloom
Bernie Pollack
David Aaron Cohen
Vincent Patrick
Kevin Jarre