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Sherlock Holmes (1984) : The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes (1984) <small> : The Return of Sherlock Holmes</small>
Title:Sherlock Holmes (1984)
Writer : Michael Cox, Arthur Conan Doyle,
Cast : Jeremy Brett, David Burke, Edward Hardwicke,
Genre : Mystery, Drama, Crime,


The series continues under the name of "The Return of Sherlock Holmes" for the next two years. Otherwise, it's the same series as "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes". The main differences are that the stories come from Doyle's second collection of short stories titled,"The Return of Sherlock Holmes". Edward Hardwicke replaces David Burke as Dr. John Watson.


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Episode 1 - The Empty House

Release Date: 1986-07-09

Three years on from Holmes's fatal fall into the Reichenbach Falls, Watson wrestles with a murder case under his own steam. But who is the enigmatic stranger in the Coroner's court, listening intently to all the evidence?Holmes returns home and explains how he escaped death at Reichenbach, while Moriarty lost his life. Holmes and Watson must now bring a partner of Moriarty's to justice, by proving he is a murderer.

Episode 2 - The Abbey Grange

Release Date: 1986-07-16

Holmes is called in to investigate a murder. Lady Brackenstall says she saw a gang of men kill her bullying husband, Sir Eustace, but on Holmes's arrival the case seems to have been solved. Holmes is uneasy and returns to the scene of the crime, where he finds things are not as they appear to be. And Watson is curious to hear about the lady's love affair with a sea captain during a long voyage...

Episode 3 - The Second Stain

Release Date: 1986-07-23

Holmes is asked by the country's Prime Minister to aid in the recovery of a stolen diplomatic letter, which, if published, might lead England into war.

Episode 4 - The Musgrave Ritual

Release Date: 1986-07-30

An obscure family document containing an enigmatic ritual holds the key to a hidden treasure if Holmes can decipher the mystery.

Episode 5 - The Man with the Twisted Lip

Release Date: 1986-08-06

Neville St Clair works in the City of London and is a man of very regular and respectable habits. One day, his wife goes into town for lunch and is shocked to see her husband in the window of an opium den. That evening, he fails to return home, and Mrs St Clair decides to consult Holmes.

Episode 6 - The Priory School

Release Date: 1986-08-13

The Duke of Holdernesse needs Holmes's help when his son, Lord Arthur Saltire, is kidnapped from the Priory School. Holmes finds the connection between an old mystery and a teacher who has also gone missing.

Episode 7 - The Six Napoleons

Release Date: 1986-08-20

Holmes is curious about a series of attacks on figures of the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte around London. One such incident leads to a violent death, and he investigates. Lestrade sees an Italian connection and proposes to focus Scotland Yard's attention on the Italian quarter of London, but Holmes is more interested in Chiswick.